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Esthetic dentistry

Do you find yourself wishing you could restore your smile's sparkle?

Cosmetic dentistry can restore the natural beauty of your smile and turn back the clock on some of the effects age and wear can have on your teeth.

When we are young, our teeth are in their most perfect state, naturally white and unaffected by time. But as we grow, age, and enjoy the pleasures of living our lives while enjoying anything from red fruits to black coffee, the enamel on our teeth begins to show the discoloration and wear of time. Often times our teeth shift, crowding them or opening spaces that we had never noticed before. Cosmetic dentistry can be time’s antidote: with sometimes just one or two easy procedures you can turn back the clock and get the brilliant smile you always hoped to have.


Why do people choose Dr. Fleischman over other cosmetic dentists?

Personal Relationship

To give you the most beautiful and natural looking smile, it helps to know what makes you smile. Our doctors want to take the time to establish a personal relationship so that they can give you the custom-designed, personal experience you deserve.

Comprehensive Treatment

Rather than seeing your smile as a part of your body that stands alone, they view your problems and needs as a whole, and choose procedures and approaches that work organically with one another so that your experience is efficient and thorough for total body health.

Comfortable Office

From an office design based on Eastern philosophy, to the neck and back pillows and cozy blankets within reach, Dr. Fleischman is working to make your experience comfortable, relaxing, and gentle.