Dental Implants in Philadelphia

Full Dental Implants

Are your teeth chipped or badly worn down?

Be confident knowing Dr. Fleischman is able to help.


Why turn to Dr. Fleischman for your dental implant restorations?

Access to specialists

Dr. Fleischman has personal relationships with the most highly qualified specialists in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area. He is able to take advantage of an interdisciplinary team to help assess your individual needs and to figure out how to best approach even the most complex dental cases. He will help you understand what type of implant would be best, and communicate openly with you about how the procedures will work and what outcomes you can expect.

He cares about you as a person

Whether you are apprehensive about a treatment that seems extensive or invasive, or just wondering if dental implants are right for you, Dr. Fleischman will get to know you, your lifestyle, your history, and your particular needs so that they can find your total body health solution.

Only the best materials

Dr. Fleischman uses the best materials and technology that are available.  All our implant restorations are custom designed for your needs, leaving your mouth looking naturally beautiful and as unique as you are.