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General Dentist in Philadelphia

You deserve to have a pleasurable dental experience and we are here to provide that for you.

Dr. Fleischman understands that dentistry can seem intimidating and time-consuming. He has tailored his practice to make your experience gentle, relaxing, efficient, and accessible.


There are three main reasons people in the Philadelphia area choose Dr. Fleischman

Conservative Approach

Our dentists believe that nature is the best designer, so they are minimally invasive in their approach and do everything they can to conserve natural tooth structures. The end result will be the health of your mouth at its best, looking and feeling better than it had before.

Personalized Experience

They will work with you to accommodate your needs, treat you as an individual with unique concerns and desires, and do everything in their power to make your experience enjoyable. Dr. Fleischman gets to know you as a person and invite you to be a part of his dental family. They will listen to what you have to say and talk with you about all of your options while helping you weigh your best choices.

Total Body Health

Their motto is “dentistry that is all about you,” and this means all of you. Their teeth and gum treatments will always take into account not only your oral health but also the health of your body as a whole. This will emphasize the effects that the health of your mouth can have on the health of your body both now and in the future.