Sleep Apnea

Is sleep apnea impacting your quality of life?

Is sleep apnea impacting your quality of life?

Are you tired of being bound to an awkward machine just to get a quality night’s sleep?

Dr. Kravitz can ease your sleep apnea troubles and ensure peaceful, restful nights for you and your family.

For patients with sleep apnea, the problem is not just the breathing difficulty. Sleep apnea can mean fragmented or non-existent sleep, and not only for the sufferer – often it means family members experience disturbed sleep alongside the patient. A common solution is an awkward and invasive CPAP device, which includes its own set of discomforts. By fitting you with a small and comfortable oral appliance, Dr. Kravitz can free you from this device and from all the discomforts of apnea forever. Learn more.

Why do patients in Philadelphia turn to Dr. Kravitz for sleep apnea treatment?

Advanced expertise

Dr. Kravitz attends continuing education seminars regarding sleep apnea and belongs to associations that teach him about the condition and its solutions. He continuously stays abreast of advancing technologies and methods of care in order to treat you best.

Trusted experience

Dr. Kravitz can promise results because he has inherited and developed long-term relationships with patients, and this allows him to see that his apnea treatments improve the quality of life over the long term. He takes the time to develop a caring relationship with you and to stay with you as your life improves.

Soothing environment

The soothing office will give you a sense of what life after apnea will be like, with warm colors, music you can select or change, and a space and flow designed to make your visits relaxing, comfortable, and productive. As they fit you with the device that will change your nights forever, their office will give you a sense of how pleasant and stress-free those nights will be.