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Professional Teeth Whitening

Do you wish your teeth were whiter?

Dr. Fleischman can restore and enhance the natural brightness of your smile – “confidence that glows.”

Over time, the delicious things in life—strong coffee, red wine, summer strawberries—leave traces of themselves on the enamel of your teeth. You might notice that your teeth are not as uniformly shaded as they once were, or that they are starting to seem dull, gray, brown, or yellow. To rejuvenate your smile and make it sparkle again, you may choose from several teeth whitening options Dr. Fleischman makes available to you.


Why do so many Philadelphians choose these dentists to brighten their smiles?

Impeccable Reputation

You can catch it on the gleaming smiles you see around Center City that owe their brilliance to Dr. Fleischman. They are continuing the 100 year tradition of outstanding patient care.

Gentle Approach

They will tailor the whitening plan to your needs and work to preserve the subtleties of your natural shade and the structure of your natural teeth. Dr. Fleischman will work with you to come up with the mildest, most cost effective and successful whitening plan.

Customized Treatment

Whether you want a beaming grin or are just looking for the color of your teeth to match more uniformly, they will spend the time to get to know your expectations so that they can style their whitening practice to your individual needs.